Appliance Repair Services

Is one or more of your appliances at home giving you recurrent problems?  Are you not getting enough support from the authorized service provider of the brand? May be it’s time to think differently then!

Considering how fast our lives have become in modern times, we just can’t thank residential appliance anymore!  The time we are getting to complete our daily chores are reducing every passing day and it’s easy to imagine how life would be without these little friends of ours. Go to any home in this country and you will find appliances in plenty. However, like any machine under the Sun, these household appliances can break down any time, owing to extended use, giving you zitters thereby. For instance, you may get up one fine morning to discover your refrigerator is not keeping the products cool enough or your dishwasher is making peculiar noises or your oven is just refusing to work. It’s the awkward little period when you may feel the ‘wheel’ of your daily life has been stopped somewhat! And, it’s the time you think of handing it over for ‘fixing the bug’ as soon as possible to get your life back to its coziest best.

On most occasions, you would like to take it to the authorized service center of the concerned brand. But, as many of us may have experienced on previous instances, you may not always get the desired level of service at these service points. The bottom line is, irrespective of the brand of the appliance, you need the services of a skilled technician. Yes, you will find a plethora of appliance repair services in and around your locality. However, if you let wrong and unskilled hands service your appliance, you may end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily. This will be detrimental to the ‘life’ of your appliance as well. 

What to do then? No, you do not need to stress yourself though! We have it covered for you!

Here, we will let you know about some points you must consider while choosing the best appliance repair services near you-

  •  Do they serve all brands?
  • Whether the service provider is holding a license from a recognized trade body
  •  Do they offer guarantee of service?
  •  Are they equipped with modern equipment and tools?
  •  What is their average response time?
  •  Whether their workers are trained and certified
  •  Whether they can upgrade or replace aging appliances
  •  Check the efficiency of their customer service. Do they provide emergency services at odd hours?
  •  Get a written estimate/quote of the services offered.  Compare prices they offer with other providers.
  • Check whether the service provider have an existing insurance or not. This will cover you in case damage occurs to your appliance during the course of or within a stipulated period of the repair.


When you are in urgent need to ‘fix the bug’ in an important appliance and to ‘get it going’ as soon as possible,  you are often under pressure and may not always find too much time to search for the best appliance repair service around. It is no less than a Herculean task to select the best and the most trusted provider of appliance repair services, from the ‘sea’ of similar services in your locality.

This is where we come in. We will help you connect to the best appliance repair service provider, who can accomplish even the most recurring and complicated repair work, at affordable rates. We would shortlist for you only those providers who have built their names, because of quality workmanship, years of customer satisfaction and unmatched courtesy. All you need to do is to contact us on the numbers given in our website and we will connect you to the ‘people’ who can fix the bug in almost any appliance you have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Only an expert can answer that whether an appliance is repaired or replaced. Every home appliances have their own duration of run time. At the first sign of an issue, one must take the appliance to a professional service provider .

Despite the fact that this changes starting with one specialist co-op then onto the next, the typical strategy is the finding of the issue with the machine, trailed by a report on the issue and prerequisites of any parts for the appliance.You would then be able to choose on the off chance that you wish to fix the item or replace it. Much in the wake of fixing the appliance, if the issue endures, connect with the specialist service provider right away.

Call FindMe Expert toll-free number +1-212-255-5511. We provide you the best appliance repairman in your area.

The cost of repairing a dryer can very depending on the part needed to be replaced with the new one. Parts of dryer can cost you from few bucks to 300 $.That is excluding the service fee.

Repairing of any kind of appliance is done by Appliance repair technicians that install and repair home appliances. You can call an appliance repair expert for on-site or you can even visit the appliance repair shop.

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